Thursday, August 27, 2009


The quilt is finished..yay! I finished the binding after supper and quickly went outside to try and get a good picture for here. The sun was setting as you can see from the shadows of the trees behind me.
I moved it out of the sun to see if I could get a better picture. Not to bad.

Let's try it over here on the neighbours fence, lol
Anyways, I am happy how it turned out and the colors seem perfect for the fall that is suddenly approaching!


Kimberly said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! It has a little argyle vibe and is just so cool! Great colors!

Kimberly said...

...and by the way, your basket blocks are fab-u-lous!

What Comes Next? said...

it looks great! I love the colour of the cornerstones and setting squares - they just set off all the other colours. Well done!

Myra said...

Love it! Wonderful colors and pattern! 8-)
Your Tisket/Tasket baskets are looking great too!
Happy stitchings!

Erin said...

I Love the colours - its beautiful!

Jilly's Space said...

Well, what a nice way to start of my friday morning with all your wonderful comments.
Thank-you!! xo

Kimberly, I have know idea what an "argyle vibe is", but thank-you, lol I still have so much to learn.

Christine said...

Gorgeous ... I LOVE the quilted apples.

jabeybaby said...

Love it!