Saturday, June 26, 2010

You're calling me....

So, look what comes in the mail the other day. My first BOM for the christmas Designer Mystery BOM!! I had almost forgotten about this. I am reinspired....somewhat, but better than being completely flat line when it came to my creative self. Oh how I miss her and was mourning the fact that she was gone :-( I am done work for the summer next wednesday and I can see myself quite possibly digging out my sewing machine again :-) :-) I may be taking a extended leave and I am going to make sure to join a quilt quild again.
I've been creeping your your creative blogs once again. Used to be my daily(sometimes mulitiple)thing. I didn't check in for a long time. I was so touched to see some lovely ladies replying to my "leave" post. I knew I would be back someday, but hopefully I will be back at it sooner than I thought!!!
It's been a rough year and admittedly I have dealt with some really low points. I am seeing my Dr. soon as I really think I am going through early menapause or something. I have been feeling completely out of whack for quite a while. I need to feel myself again!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Life sure can throw a curve Ball!!

For any of you who may have wondered where the heck I am. I am alive and kicking..although, I am not sewing or creating :-( I actually packed up all my sewing supplies, fabric etc last week until I have a sewing space again. Plans are to build this fall. Since moving into this house we are renting I just have no inspiration. It's been a rough-ish transition. I look forward to the day I am back in create mode. I do miss it.
I'll be back someday!! xo