Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Lucky Me!

After arriving home yesterday being away for 4 days with the family I of course had to make time to check into "my" blogs. Going through some of my faves, I came across Jennys(Jenny of Elefantz) and saw that I was a runner up winner to her giveaway., "Christmas Package of Stitches"
This is just one of them, isn't it gorgeous!

She is one of the sweetest most giving people I have come across in blogland. She always writes with such kindness and seems be always sharing patterns etc. I didn't think she would send the whole christmas package of stitcheries, but she did!! I feel so lucky!!
I just had to share. I am sure most of you know of her, but if not you must go visit her blog. She just recently, once again, shared a sweet pattern to give to "us".
Go on and check her out, you won't be disapointed :o)
Now what would make this day even better is if I could just stay home and sew and NOT go to work!!!!!!!


Quilter Going Bananas said...

Congrats on the win! Jenny has wonderful stitcheries :^)

Kimberly said...

Look at her stitching! IT's beautiful!

...you lucky lady!

Erin said...

Stunning stitching - congratulations on the win! :)

Jilly's Space said...

Thanks girls..I am thankful for my win!

Mary said...

Such pretty embroidery! Lucky you.