Tuesday, April 15, 2008

First Blog Dedicated to Bakerella

Who would of thought that out here in cyber world I would find these amazingly creative ordinarly woman who like to write and post pictures about FOOD!! My favorite topic. I am a married mother of two and was at one time very much into baking sewing etc. But, as life goes, I got busy and didn't have the time or energy(it seemed) to take time and be creative.

So, one day I happened to be home during the day and put on the t.v. Scanning the channels I saw Martha Stewart. Now, let me say I have been telling myself for a while I just needed something or someone to motivate me to get using my creative side again. I always loved to cook and do the little extra for my family and friends. WELL....when I saw those cakepops by Bakerella that day I was inspired!! I went on a bit of a frenzy with baking and let me tell you my pants are a bit tight! I am posting a pic of one of the cake pops I made. I can't wait to have the right tools(styrafoam to hold pops, cookie cutter etc) when I make these again. I just made them egg shaped. My family just loved them!!

Thanks so much Bakerella for awakening the creative side of me that has been asleep for too long!!