Monday, July 27, 2009

Summer has been super busy and last week I had tons of company staying. But through it all I was able to finish up this sweet little runner. I had the binding half way on when I remembered I was supposed to add a border...duh!! Too much on the go and no way was I ripping the binding off.
I used a Nature's Chorus(by Moda) charm pack and here it lays on my dining room table :o)
I managed to fall wayyy behind on my tisket a tasket blocks and have started getting block five together tonight. I want to get caught up as much as I can before the weekend because block 8 is out next week. The time goes too fast.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

A little finish...

I am so happy to be able to post a finish. This cute little quilt measures approx. 17"x17". I bought the pattern in Vermont and where I just haven't had time to get at bigger projects I dug this out a few weeks ago. It uses one charm pack and a wee bit of yardage. The charm pack is Fig and Plum by Moda. I finally sat down yesterday and finished it after getting inspiration from other blogs. We watched Harry Potter 5(refreshing our memories for Harry Potter 6-taking the kids today) last night while I hand sewed the binding and attached the tabs.
(click on pic for larger image)
Not the best pic, but this is it's home in my bathroom. Cozies it right up. The pattern is called Baskets of Blessings. We could use that right now as we are thinking of putting the house up for sale and if we do, we want a quick sale!! We've been painting and organising..ugh!! I was so happy to escape to my sewing room and create something.
Pinchushion Swap.
Well, I entered my first swap and received(as posted) my sweet pinchushion and goodies to go along with it. Sadly, I was told a week and a half ago my swap partner hasn't received her package from me yet :o( I emailed the organizer last week to see if she heard anything on my partner receiving and I keep checking on my partners blog..nothing yet. I know I sent my sister something to Korea once and it took like 5 weeks, I am wondering(hoping) that it may take the same time if being sent to Israel? Although it's been longer than that now. I made sure to send it off early as I figured it would take longer. I will give it some more time but may have to resend for my partner, how dissapointing for her to not receive anything.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

I finished a wall hanging last night, nice to have a finish!
(you can click on pic for larger image) Close up.
We had my mom and Isabella here for a night. Here is a pick of her with my kids Jacob and Emma. We sure do love her....

...and she sure does bring smiles to our faces. I mean, how could she not??