Thursday, November 27, 2008

We started decoration for christmas. I just love these little snowmen I found at a dollar store!

They are so cute!!

I am posting 5 of the 8 cute little stocking I finally finished. I will add another pic sometime soon of all 8

I'm trying to be productive and get little projects out of the way. I am a first year member of our quilt guild (yay!) and this year we are giving quilt covered books for our gifts at the christmas banquet. Cool idea. I few months ago, we brought in a "book" of our choice(I brought in a mini album) and fabric of our choice in a brown paper bag. We put it all in a bin and then everyone picked one, so we had to take that home and cover it. Mine isn't so creative as I am kinda a newbie, but I think it's going to be pretty cute. I'll post pics of the finished product : ) I have to get it done, christmas banquet is Tuesday night. I've always been a bit of a procrastinator.
Then I have to put the one remaining strip of border around my inlaws lap quilt and I am going to take it to be machine quilted. I still haven't rec'd my quilting feet for my new machine..grrrr. I am so looking forward to learning this technique.

Friday, November 21, 2008

I am so behind in posting. I spend more time looking at other peoples blogs when I have time, much more fun! I finally got my new sewing machine..yay!! It's a janome (quilters companion 6019). I am still waiting for the quilting feet that were supposed to come with it, I can't wait to learn to machine quilt. I think I will put together more quilts if I knew how to quicken the whole process. I added a few pics. I love my little pillow. This was made from left over material from a couple of christmas runners I made.

I am finally working on completing the my first jellyroll quilt(lap size). The center went together pretty quick, I just needed to get more material for the borders. I need to add another strip around and it's ready to be sent to be quilted!! I wasn't so sure I liked the colors, but once sewn together it's quite beautiful.