Tuesday, February 2, 2010

It finally happened!!

I MADE the time to sit down to my sewing machine and it felt good!! :-) It's been over a month since I used it, poor thing :-(

Working on a honey bun project.
This picture was taken way back in October. I saw this moda scrap bag and new it would be perfect for a little project that I wanted to do

Here is the project that has been w a i t i n g to be completed!!

Oh and I just thought that this chicken pot pie deserved a picture ;-) The sun was shining in so nicely and we love us some chicken pot pie!!

I hope to be posting much more often :-)


What Comes Next? said...

"It's a good thing" can be heard across the nation, and your sewing machine now isn't feeling so lonely. What a lovely bunch of moda scraps, and your honey bun fabrics are really pretty too. Let me know when dinner is being served, and I'll be right over - yummy looking chicken pot pie!

Alberta said...

What time is supper? Looks tasty.

Love that you are back at the sewing machine, your fabrics look like spring-like!

Hope the ground hog didn't see his shadow there...he didn't here!!!!

Joan said...

Oh glad to have you back in blogland! Looking forward to seeing all your gorgeous projects!

Jilly's Space said...

Thanks Ladies and sorry to tell you the pot pie has been all gobbled up!

Wendy said...

All gobbled up you say! Well maybe the recipe then???? Looks like a cornbread topping..is it?
Good to have you back Jill!

Jilly's Space said...

Thanks Wendy :-) The topping is bisquit mix. Easy "modified" Paula Dean recipe.