Thursday, February 4, 2010

A finish and two WIP!!!

I took a day off yesterday and what a great day! Between regular household chores, reading and a bit of cooking, I was able to spend time with my sewing machine again!! We are reconnecting and this makes me happy :-)
I was able to finish this Sweet Treat Bag for someone special.
I was also able to get this quilt basted and was so excited to start machine quilting it, when I discovered.....I could only find one quilt glove. *gasp* I searched and I searched and cannot imagine where in the world it went. Pretty sure no one in the house would need it for anything. Anyways, I attempted to try with one glove and it was a no go. I have no grip with bare hands and therefore no control which means I have to rip some stitches out ;-) Next trip to my LQS will be to a new pair!

And finally I got at my last two blocks of my tisket a tasket BOM. I don't know about you but digging out fabric to pick out for the appliques can create quite a mess in ones sewing space. I was able to get it all put away as I did need to sleep. My sewing space is in my bedroom which I am not a fan. I miss my sewing room from my house and being able to just close the door on the mess ;-) This fall we are planning on building and the sewing room of my dreams will be there :-) :-)

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