Thursday, November 27, 2008

We started decoration for christmas. I just love these little snowmen I found at a dollar store!

They are so cute!!

I am posting 5 of the 8 cute little stocking I finally finished. I will add another pic sometime soon of all 8

I'm trying to be productive and get little projects out of the way. I am a first year member of our quilt guild (yay!) and this year we are giving quilt covered books for our gifts at the christmas banquet. Cool idea. I few months ago, we brought in a "book" of our choice(I brought in a mini album) and fabric of our choice in a brown paper bag. We put it all in a bin and then everyone picked one, so we had to take that home and cover it. Mine isn't so creative as I am kinda a newbie, but I think it's going to be pretty cute. I'll post pics of the finished product : ) I have to get it done, christmas banquet is Tuesday night. I've always been a bit of a procrastinator.
Then I have to put the one remaining strip of border around my inlaws lap quilt and I am going to take it to be machine quilted. I still haven't rec'd my quilting feet for my new machine..grrrr. I am so looking forward to learning this technique.


The Demanding Doll said...

Very nice mantel decoration. The snowmen are a great find.

You're never behind in blogging. :)

The stockings are too cute. I need to finish up my Halvorsen ornaments too (eventually).

I'm also a procrastinator but I work better with that bit of pressure. Too easy to walk away when you have lots of time.

Check out Harriet Hargrave books for quilting on a home machine info. I have her book from 12 or 13years ago but I learned so much from it.

Jillian's Blog said...

Thank-you : )
I'd love to see your ornaments when they are done.
Thanks for the referral on the quilting book. I will check that out!

Niki :-) said...

You are invited to 'the last push' quiltathon! post the link on your site and of course pictures of your quilt progress Dec 13th!. Hope you will join all of us!
Niki in AZ
Just Us Quilters