Sunday, August 3, 2008

We just got home today from renting a cottage for a week that was right next to a lake. It was so nice to get away from the phone, t.v. and computer. My favorite part of the day was first thing when I would rise before everyone, put the coffee on and then once it was ready I would sit in front of the big window facing the water and read. I loved the quiet I could hear the clock ticking. Life is so fast paced and noise seems to be always around. Sometimes we forget the importance of the simple things.

Family and friends would come out to visit us. My mother and sisters rented the cottage next to us..but they only came certain nights at separate times. It was nice to spend the time I did with them though. I really love my sisters dearly and especially my sweet little niece Isabella!!

The kids had a great week and got along really well and Emma gave me barely any attitude..ahhh..that was

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