Saturday, July 26, 2008

I originally started blogging just for cooking. But, I am being so inspired by all the blogs I have been reading! I'm not sure how I'll do with this but I am going to try and blog a bit about my life too. I am on a journey to simplicity in my life. I have an inner calm after going through quite a few years of depression and discontentment. I have a beautiful family and feel so blessed.

This is my little niece she not the cutest!!! I love her so much, wish she lived closer. I will get to spend lot's of time with her next week when we are meeting for a family vacation.


Jennifer said...

Ah! Isabella is adorable! She remindes me of my own little nephew Henry, who is only a few months old and a chubby adorable little thing!

Also, you're cupcakes are fantastic! I love baking but I don't think I can make my cupcakes look like that!'s like an edible toy, I bet the kids love eating them! ^^ I know I would still!

JillyRae said...

Thanks Jennifer...yes, Isabella is certainly adorable..she is the sweetest thing..just like Henry : )
I'm sure you could make your cupcakes like I do..really, it's very easy : )