Tuesday, September 2, 2008

It's been quite busy in our household the last week..wood to put in for winter, we'll be nice and cozey now!

Getting kids ready for school. This is a pic with my beautiful sister Shauna who is a hairdresser. She did the kids hair for back to school. We went on a family canping trip this past weekend. A pic of me and my husband.
Nothing like gathering everyone around the campfire.
Tonight I attended the quilters guild meeting. I am so excited!! Last year I went to one later in the year, but I was just too busy and not in the right head space for sewing etc. But I have it out now and I am ready to start some projects. I bought some beautiful fabric tonight at the guild to make a table runner for christmas time. I will prob start some of it tomorrow even though I have another project on the go! I really want to make a quilt for our room this winter. That will be my "Big" project. I loved it when they did show and tell tonight...some beautiful quilts...very inspiring.

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