Saturday, June 21, 2008

Bakerella inspires again and again and again!

I just love this girl. Today she posted the most adorable cupcakes I have seen yet! TOO cute..check them out!

This past week with the end of school I made a few batches of cupcakes for my kids and hubby. I can't keep them in the house....they are too good! The chocolate cupcakes are so moist and chocolately. The Vanilla cupcakes with the sprite are so good. I used Dora Greenspans perfect party cake's the best icing I have ever tasted so far!! Light and buttery..just sinful.


love River said...

nice blog

I wish good luck to you
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Bakerella said...

These look great. Love those flowers.

jazzy said...

wow! I am planning on making the sprite cupcakes- any helpful tips... they look delicious! I am in search for a good moist white cupcake,and hopefully the search will be over soon! great job the icing looks perfect!!!

JillyRae said...

love river- thanks : )
Bakerella-Thanks! I wasn't so crazy over the shape of the flowers but liked the colors : )
Jazzy-Thanks so much!

JillyRae said...

love the postive feedback!